I never intended to have a career as a visual designer. I stumbled into this field by working for and with organizations that shared my vision for positive change in the world. I saw a gap in the way they communicated and helped fill that gap with visual communications. Along the way, I've been transformed by the people and organizations I work with. In the best moments, we are both transformed by what we learn from those directly impacted by society’s disconnection.

My mission is to support organizations and people working for social change by helping them communicate effectively, creatively and keeping humans at the center.

Transformational change involves a whole ecosystem. I’m a small part of that ecosystem. I use what I have to help evolve this world into a more loving and liberated place. I bring to this work my innate creative talents (inborn as well as from my artistic parents), my skills (honed over the past 15+ years) and my personality (cheerful, organized and drawn to conversations about the origins of the universe).

In my work, I balance the left and right brain, the big picture and the day to day. As much as I love to expand and contemplate big questions, I’m also constantly coming back to the practical and tangible.

When not designing for clients, I enjoy camping and flexing other creative muscles with quilting, drawing, painting, cooking, interior design, and photography.

I’m also a co-founder and Creative Director at Pulse Forward. There, I work with the wonderful Gayle Carney through organizational transformation, supporting social justice organizations from the inside out.

"Kate tackles new challenges efficiently and loves to start sketching solutions while she deeply absorbs the vision and potential. I adore her design and she’s an utter pleasure to work with."

– Ellen Roche, Executive Director, Trust for Learning