A website that needed to reach many different audiences

The Public Justice Center (PJC) effects change through many partnerships - attorneys, advocates, coalitions and individuals and groups experiencing unfair treatment - often people of color or those living in poverty. Their audiences are varied and Pulse Forward's approach to designing their online communications involved challenging assumptions and working to identify blind spots and biases.

The design and content of the new site had to meet the unique needs of these diverse groups and portray each as fully capable of standing up for their rights and the rights of others. We worked with staff to understand what their audiences want from them and how they want to encourage their audiences to engage with them.

The outcome: human-centered website that is simple and easy to navigate for ALL users

Website Design
Newsletter Design

After a deep dive into their audiences experience, we designed a human-centered website that reflected their new brand. We took a mobile first approach with some sections of their site, knowing that certain audiences would be accessing the site on their phones, while other parts of the site would likely be seen on desktop computer. We also carried the new branding through to a revised e-newsletter template and created custom infographic to make PJC’s theory of change easier to conceptualize and explain.

The website takes advantage of immersive photography and clear calls to action for a variety of audiences.
We developed an infographic that helped simplify and make accessible their theory of change